All About Pictures To Exe
Just what is PTE? PTE is an amazing software package which allows the Windows based user to create slideshows of all types. These slideshows may be as simple as displaying your pictures in succession with your choice of transitions between each slide or there may be simple or complex animations.

The program is extremely powerful, yet very inexpensive and it's quite possible for you to create a beautiful slideshow to give to relatives or friends in just moments. You can create lasting memories for your loved ones which will be cherished for generations and it's very EASY to do this.

With PTE you can easily zoom in on a feature or person, pan left or right, zoom out, rotate or do all these things on the same slide. It's possible if you wish to also create complex animations which show clouds moving across the sky, lightning flashing, the moon or planets rotating, animated maps, snow falling, stars twinkling, and just about anything you could imagine.

PTE allows unlimited layers with objects (pictures or parts of pictures) which can pass in front or behind other objects for a 3D effect. It allows the user to decide how long to display the images how fast or slow the animations happen, whether the movement is smooth, accelerated, decelerated, etc.

PTE allows you to have background music synchronized to your display of images, it lets you create voiceover comments on each slide and does all this with the highest image quality possible.

With PTE you can either display your slideshow on your computer or you can create DVD's which will play on your television. You can even create high resolution displays to show on your 1080p system at full resolution!

If you download a few of our zipped demonstration files you can quickly see how this software can be used to make beautiful and dynamic slideshows. The best thing is that upgrades for the basic program are free for life. Let me repeat that: UPGRADES FOR THE BASIC PROGRAM ARE FREE FOR LIFE!! No other presentation slideshow software "anywhere" at any price offers this!

Go to the Wnsoft website here or from our Links page and see for yourself what you are missing! You won't be disappointed. I like this software so much that I co-authored the unofficial Users Guide. After using it for over ten years I can attest that this is the finest product of its kind in the world - bar none!!