Colorado Girl
Fine Art
Ghost Star
Storm Coming
To Cimarron
Cimarron Hawks
Kachina Zoom
Cliff Palace
Panos Watch
Christmas Snow in 2006
Example of Snow Simulation
with PicturesToExe.
About 20 Megabyte download
There are 29 slideshows here ranging from simple to complex animations. Scroll down and click on the image thumbnail to download the zipped executable slideshow. The size in megabytes and a discription are to the right of each linked thumbnail. The last 5 files are also YouTube linked for convenience.
Colorado Girl - a look at Colorado
wildlife, scenery and domestic animals.
Large, high quality images.
About 44 Megabyte download
An example of multiple animations
including twinkling stars, falling star,
moon movement, snow varying and
animated windmill. This simulation
was built using a SnowGlobe Photoshop
action by
Panos Efstathiadis.
About 17 Megabyte download

A tribute to the Hubble Telescope.
This slideshow uses many images made with the Hubble You don't want to miss this one!
About 36 Megabyte download
A storm coming simulation made
with an early beta copy of PTE.
This one has thunder, lightning,
cloud movement, snow, etc., all
done with PTE.
About 6 Megabyte download
A Fine Art slideshow demonstrating
some of Lin's professional art photography.
Beautiful art object photos made into
a slideshow with PicturesToExe.
About a 36 Megabyte download
A road trip simulation to show
how PTE can be used to enhance
your vacation slideshows. Our
tutorials explain how you can
easily and quickly do this.
About a 7 Megabyte download
A simulation of our Solar System complete
with planets orbiting the sun. Swirling hot
gas on the sun, planets orbiting complete
with shadows, elipitical and circular orbits
demonstrating some of the techniques you
will learn in the Advanced Tutorial.
About a 9 Megabyte download
Beautiful Hawks and wildlife of Cimarron, New Mexico.
Only soft wind blowing - Don't miss this one! This is
the type of slideshow you can be making in just minutes!
About a 32 Megabyte download
A slideshow showing a "superzoom" technique
developed by Lin and explained in the Advanced
About a 23 Megabyte download
Another use of PanosFX Photoshop actions
to create the watch image with super
real-tme animations by Lin. Another
of the techniques taught in the Advanced
About a 25 Megabyte download
An example of "out-of-bounds" Photoshop
technique for a fun 3D slideshow. Many of
the effects in this one are revealed in the
Advanced Tutorial.
About a 34 Megabyte download
A simple but elegant slideshow of Cliff Palace
at Mesa Verde, Colorado. This is the kind of
panoramic slideshow you will be able to make
in only a few minutes of training with our Basic/Intermediate Tutorial!
About an 18 Megabyte download
Demo of Frame in Perspective
A little study in frames and perspective featuring some of Lin's wildlife photos.
These techniques explained in Advanced
Tutorials. Don't miss the "surprise ending."
About a 22 Megabyte download
Large, Full Featured Slideshow
For those with good broadband, this
is a full length (27 minutes) slideshow
featuring some of Lin's great Colorado
nature and wildlife images titled "Colorado Through My Lens"
About 132 megabyte download!!
rubics cube
3d picture frame
Front Range Pano
A demonstration of some of the possible animation effects in PTE. In this demo, a six sided, animated Rubic's Cube and pyramid type objects.
About a 5 megabyte download
A demonstration of 3d Transformation done with PTE. See the amazing ability of PTE to do perspective changes in real time
About a 6 megabyte download
A demonstration of how to use PTE to display a very wide panoramic slideshow. This is a view of the Colorado Front Range from Aspen Drive in Berthoud, Colorado. Continuous pan and added realistic animation.
About a 14 megabyte download!
A demo made for a Harley Davidson dealer. Just some fun dreams of summer in winter snows. Bikers will love this!
About a 33 meg download!
The ULTIMATE demo of PTE's capabilities prior to drop-in video option in beta 7. This show requires a powerful video card because all stops were pulled out and some VERY complex animations are demonstrated. Do not download this unless you have some PC power!! Requires a top-end video card for Pan, Zoom, Rotate, 3D transforms and complex animations!!
About a 99 megabyte download!!!
The story of the Rocky Mountain Goats on Mount Evans in Colorado. High resolution images and some specialized effects made possible with PTE.
About an 80 megabyte download!!
Some significant animation demonstrations in a "four seasons" demo with falling leaves, snow, flying bird, waterfalls, etc. PTE at its finest!
About a 33 megabyte download!
Finally - a first anywhere to our knowledge!! Video playing along with other great animation effects on a rotating six sided cube!! This can be done with the new PTE 7.0 beta now available for download in very stable form. Don't miss this one folks!!
About a 39 megabyte download!!
A spoof on "The End Of The World As We Know It! Demonstrates some of the neat features of PTE. Just a fun and silly project, but worth watching for the animation effects which are outstanding!
About a 45 megabyte download!!
A Live Video Wall room with nearly 500 videos playing simultaneously. Inside the room is a zooming and rotating video cube with a different video playing on each side simultaneously. Created entirely with PicturesToExe!
About a 125 megabyte download!!
A Live Curved Video Wall featuring "Then and Now" themes, special effects and demonstrating PTE's fine ability to display multiple videos and 3D effects!
A YouTube Link Only in HD Quality
Best Slideshow Software Demo. This demo includes numerous features not seen with other slideshow software including changing a scene from clear to snow covered, surprising animation, geometric rotating shapes, orbiting electrons, etc. 10 minutes 22 seconds of YouTube HD Video only.
A YouTube Link Only in HD Quality
A 3D Video Room with both Distributed and Individual displays consisting of 640 individual displays all playing simultaneously and a rotating cube which changes from static to video display as you watch! Done entirely in PicturesToExe 7.5.3
A YouTube Link Only in HD Quality
A Synchronized Video Wall with sequential activation of 128 independent video displays displaying 128 simultaneous and different videos. Done with Version 7.5.3 of PicturesToExe and posted to YouTube as a demo in my pseudonym IceJasper.
A YouTube Link Only in HD Quality